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Fairfax Peak To Be Built In Fairfax County

Fairfax Peak is being planned to be built on the mountain of trash at the Lorton Landfill, right off I-95 in the southern part of Fairfax County. The ski facility plans may include multiple slopes for skiing and snowboarding with a variety of ramps, jumps, rails, boxes, and other features, capable of use in national snowboarding and freestyle skiing competitions. According to the Mount Vernon Gazette, "At the top of the 20-degree slope, there are plans for restaurants, a ski shop, and sky bar. A 100-plus room luxury hotel is planned at the base of the indoor snow facility. It could be connected to Occoquan Regional Park by a gravity-powered, mountain coaster that would slide from the summit to the park. A gondola could ferry riders from Occoquan Regional Park and the facility’s base to the summit where Fairfax Peak sky terrace could be built, one plan states." As per Mount Vernon Gazette, "Fairfax Peak would be built as a public-private partnership, so the county would lease its land to Alpine-X, and the company would build, own and operate its facility. Details of the agreement are pending. The project is moving forward but there are no concrete dates on the county website under the heading “2021 and Beyond,” so it is not r clear when the first mogul might be jumped at Fairfax Peak. The immediate future includes more public meetings, traffic analysis, application review, and studies."

Properties in Mount Vernon

8643 Mount Vernon Hwy

[$1,750,000, Alexandria, VA 22309]

4208 Pickering Pl

[$825,000, Alexandria, VA 22309]

3122 Battersea Ln

[$769,000, Alexandria, VA 22309]

8477 Hallie Rose St

[$549,999, Alexandria, VA 22309]

9036 Patton Blvd

[$1,150,000, Alexandria, VA 22309]

8219 Mount Vernon Hwy

[$750,000, Alexandria, VA 22309]

9412 Forest Haven Dr

[$899,000, Alexandria, VA 22309]

8802 Northern Spruce Ln

[$975,000, Alexandria, VA 22309]

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