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230 Years Old Tree At Mount Vernon Falls Down

A 115-foot-tall white oak tree at George Washington's Mount Vernon is said to have suddenly fallen down in the middle of the night in early November. According to the estate, it was the last tree with Civil War carvings on the first president's property.
Dean Norton, director of horticulture at Mount Vernon, chisels away an area on the trunk of a 230-year-old tree that fell at the home of George Washington
As per, "According to Mount Vernon director of horticulture Dean Norton, the fallen tree appeared to be from the 1780s. Washington's estate was considered neutral territory during the Civil War, and nearly 200 regiments visited between 1861 and 1865. After the Civil War ended in 1865, two Union regiments visited Mount Vernon in between the Grand Review of the Armies celebration in DC and carved their insignias into three trees. The last of the three trees also had carvings from Union soldiers during the Civil War, according to Mount Vernon Ladies' Association records. The other two carved trees fell in summer 2018 and 40 years ago." Norton said, "You hate to see a living witness to the life and times of George and Martha Washington go, especially a tree that has a connection to another significant historical period of Mount Vernon." According to, "The fallen tree's wood will go to Mount Vernon's preservation department, while the remainder will be turned into products for use at the estate."

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