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Take Your Kids To The George Washington Mount Vernon Estate And Enjoy These Fun Activities.

Mount Vernon is the home of the famous Mount Vernon Estate which was owned by George Washington. The Esate is considered an incomparable national treasure and it is one of the nation's most visited historic sites. The Estate offers many fun filled activities for kids and adults to enjoy. These are some top fun filled activities kids can enjoy at the Mount Vernon Estate.
  1. Visit the animals - The Mount Vernon Estate is home to animals such as Ossabaw Island Hogs, Hog Island Sheep and Red Devon Cattle. Kids of all ages can visit the estate and learn more about these animals.
  2. Visit the Pioneer Farm - Learn about farm life in the 18th century while watching live demonstrations from plowing to harvesting to cooking. Kids can also have a meet and greet with the farm animals.
  3. Enjoy Activities at the Hands-on-History Center  - Kids aged 3-7 can stop by the Hands-on-History Center at the Education Center for activities such as story time, crafts and games.
  4. Play the I-Spy Scavenger Hunt - Kids can engage in a scavenger hunt where they will match nine images with objects and places while exploring the estate. This activity is open to kids aged 3-7.
  5. Follow the Adventure Map - Kids aged 7-12 can explore the estate using an adventure map. There are written clues and colorful pictures which guide kids and their families on an exploration of nine locations on the estate.
  6. Watch a 4D Movie in the Revolutionary War Theater - This one of the most popular attractions at Mount Vernon. This fast paced 4D production shows Washington's important military victories at Boston, Trenton and Yorktown. This attraction is open to kids ages 8 and up.
  7.  Be A Leader Like Washington - Experience a leadership role like George Washington inside the Education Center. This experience is accessible to kids ages 10 and up.
  8. Play Agent 711 - Become one of George Washington's spies with this undercover game. Test your spycraft skills while exploring the grounds of Mount Vernon. The Agent 711 map can be found in the Orientation Center.
The Mount Vernon Estate is a historical site with many educational games and activities for kids of all ages to enjoy.

Properties in Mount Vernon

3104 Waterside Ln

[$779,000, Alexandria, VA 22309]

4325 Agnew Ave

[$824,900, Alexandria, VA 22309]

4256 Buckman Rd #26

[$145,000, Alexandria, VA 22309]

3124 Battersea Ln

[$665,000, Alexandria, VA 22309]

8912 Dogue Dr

[$799,900, Alexandria, VA 22309]

8600 Bound Brook Ln

[$699,000, Alexandria, VA 22309]

8726 Talbott Farm Dr

[$604,999, Alexandria, VA 22309]

8535 Wyngate Manor Ct

[$550,000, Alexandria, VA 22309]

9435 Mount Vernon Cir

[$1,195,000, Alexandria, VA 22309]

4329 Mount Vernon Memorial Hwy

[$724,000, Alexandria, VA 22309]

8503 Mount Vernon Hwy

[$619,900, Alexandria, VA 22309]

9133 Buckner Rd

[$700,000, Alexandria, VA 22309]

4326 Agnew Ave

[$1,100,000, Alexandria, VA 22309]

8341 Wagon Wheel Rd

[$649,900, Alexandria, VA 22309]

8513 Hallie Rose Pl #160

[$439,900, Alexandria, VA 22309]

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